2021 Fall Fashion Predictions

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Sweater weather is around the corner and here are out top 5 fall fashion predictions I think are going to be trending this year. 

- Turtleneck Sweaters -  Turtleneck sweaters are a great basic to have in your closet any fall season. Turtlenecks are a classic and great for anyone who is looking to be fashionable at work. At Bare Rags, I strive to have pieces with everlasting style and turtlenecks definitely fit that description. 

- Flannels - Flannel jackets, button ups, and skirts are always coming back every fall season. I truly think the plaid look will always be ingrained into autumn fashion. I have so many cute new arrivals coming with the flannel / plaid design that I think you babes are going to love! 

- Oversized Sweaters - Every girl loves an oversized sweater. An oversized sweater with the cableknit design is a classic with this time of the year coming up. Such a classic look with your favorite blue jeans or leggings underneath. 

- Denim Jeans - When I made my brand Bare Rags, I promised to pick pieces that would never go out of style. Denim Jeans are classic and a MUST HAVE in your closet year round. From mom jeans to distressed denim, you must have a go to pair of denim jeans in your closet this season. 

- Black - Last, but definitely not least, black fashion. If you look at my closet you will see that 80% of it is black clothing. Black is effortless and sexy, and keeps any outfit on point. Scrolling through our collections you can see that most of our items are